Technical Manager (IT)


Focus Mobile Ltd is a company focused on building customer-facing applications that enable businesses to communicate with their customers effectively, thus growing their revenues. We are passionate about building applications that support effective communication. We have an opening for a Technical Manager position responsible for product development and managing the company’s systems and processes.

Job brief

The successful candidate will oversee the development, implementation, and maintenance of new and existing technologies. In addition, they will be responsible for making critical decisions about improving all technical aspects and operations. The role will also be highly regulatory, operational, and commercial.


  • Maintain, drive, supervise, and deploy robust technological standards, systems and processes

  • Influence technical strategies and decisions with high levels of expertise and knowledge

  • Provide direction and support to ensure compliance with legislative standards

  • Draft technical documentation for the APIs, design workflows for new applications and orientation packs for new Dev team members

  • Review the code base for existing applications and PRs for work in progress

  • Manage both the backend and frontend dev team members, assigning them tasks as required

  • Coordinate with the Dev team to fix faults/errors on the running applications

  • Oversee the testing and deployment of new applications to live production

  • Ensure that all systems have an uptime of 99.99%, 24/7

  • Advise Management on all technical issues touching on the applications

  • Coordinate developer duties for managing clients experiencing technical issues

  • Coordinate the testing of new applications with the Customer Support team before deployment

  • Carry out periodic systems audits

Key Qualifications

  • A Degree in any of the following fields, Computer Science/Engineering, BBIT or related courses

  • Certifications from accredited bodies, e.g. CISM, Project Management, and related courses, are an added advantage.

  •  Solid knowledge and experience in  Golang and JavaScript

  •  Minimum of three (3) years experience in a supervisory/managerial position overseeing technical projects

  • Experience working with telecommunication companies 

  • Project management skills are an added advantage

  • Age (30 to 40 years)


Additional Qualifications

      - Experience working on the backend and frontend applications

      - Experience in Infrastructure as Code (Tekton, ArgoCD and Ansible)

      - Experience in successfully deploying new applications to production using CI/CD automation tooling such as Jenkins, Github actions, etc

      - Experience in monitoring systems (especially Prometheus and Grafana)

      - Thorough understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and support methodologies, principles, and procedures is an added advantage

      - Experience reviewing codebase for ongoing application development

      - Technical skills, knowledge of process improvement and validation

      - Experience working with live applications with high dependency

      - Risk management and systems security experience

      - Experience in building APIs 



  • Demonstrated leadership qualities 

  • Keen attention to detail

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

  • Self-motivated and able to work independently with minimum supervision

  • Strong organisational and problem-solving skills 

  • Dependable and reliable

  • Personable

  • Highly analytical

  • Creative

  • Ability to interact with the clients to understand their needs

  • Mature 



  • A friendly yet professional working environment with a highly motivated team

  • Competitive remuneration and benefits package

  • Paid up Stock options


Focus Mobile Ltd
Nairobi, KE