Software Engineer (Frontend)

Ajua is Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience (#IntegratedCX™) company driving business growth and giving consumers options on the continent. Ajua exists to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers with its customer experience platform. We are looking for candidates who are eager to be part of the journey to continue to lead as the IntegratedCX™ company in Africa. 


Ajua’s technology integrates with businesses at the points that matter most to their customers to measure and optimize their customer experience. The innovative plug-and-play platform has enabled leading brands of various sizes and industries on the continent to create actionable strategies that drive business growth.


This role is responsible for building out and sustaining an outstanding suite of SaaS products to drive the success of Ajua’s businesses across the globe. As an Associate Software  Engineer (Frontend), you will build various aspects of Ajua core infrastructure to power integrated, API-driven, and scalable solutions for our enterprise customers. The architectural and design implementations need to support a web-first, API-first product portfolio and enable scale and time-to-value (speed to release). 

This role will require a  good understanding of Ajua’s technology stack, product delivery and deployment models, system and customer configurations, and the operations and support model of the deployed products.


  • Provide technical assistance and software engineering work inputs to design, build and deliver scalable SaaS platforms.

  • Fully understand the Ajua tech stack and its potential from a technology perspective

  • Analyze functional and non-functional requirements and design solutions that optimally address these requirements in the context of existing constraints.

  • Estimate implementation effort and develop robust, modular, and scalable solutions

  • Write great quality code and unit tests, implement automation to the optimal extent, & perform testing and unit testing to deliver of quality work

  • Develop and maintain world-class internal and public APIs

  • Acquire technical knowledge and skills continuously and help the team to innovate and

  • improve platform quality

  • Create and maintain robust documentation on the design, implementation, testing & release of software products

  • Maintain the platform's uptime, performance, stability, and scalability

  • Closely monitor all platform-related production systems & periodically perform on-call duty

  • Providing support to the customer success team on escalated issues

Essential Requirements


  • A team player who will fit into a team of committed and experienced developers to build awesome software products

  • An evolving track record of at least one (1) year of progressive software development experience, preferably as part of a team involved in product development for the web,  using a relevant framework or tech stack. Language/tech-stack experience includes Java (or any other languages that target the JVM), Python-based or PhP-based frameworks; and/or other relevant full-stack development frameworks for building web-scale systems.

  • A great understanding of front-end frameworks like react, vue.js, and plain vanilla javascript

  • Conceptual grasp of emerging software engineering paradigms and technologies.

  • Some experience with API concepts, frameworks, and implementation approaches.

  • Good knowledge of Unix/Linux operating systems, web services, and API concepts, frameworks, and implementation approaches.

  • Experience (or sound knowledge of) using agile development methodologies

  • Good understanding of secure software development practices.

  • Ability to optimize code to ensure it meets functional and non-functional requirements

  • Strong system design and documentation abilities, pays attention to detail and has knowledge in data and business requirements.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; and excellent organizational and time management skills;

  • Great customer engagement and facilitation skills with the ability to strike the balance between simplifying issues and their resolution to customers while being able to nuance the specific issue parameters to the engineering team.

  • Willingness to interact closely with customers; understand their objectives; and craft optimal technical solutions.;

  • Dependable individual with a passion for people and service delivery


How to Apply

Send your CV to

Nairobi, KE