Gro Intelligence is tackling two of the biggest problems facing the world today: food security and climate change.  We understand and quantify the complex interplay between food, weather, trade, agriculture and macroeconomic conditions in a world upended by climate change, a growing population and more.  The team at Gro has built a platform that allows businessmen, non-profits and governments to better plan for and adapt to these changes.  With Offices in Nairobi, New York and Singapore, Gro has the financial backing of prominent investors such as TPG Growth, Inel Capital, Data Collective and GGV.  Gro is a diverse, intellectually curious team of technologists, scientists and business professional united by a shared commitment to build AI that addresses agriculture, food and our climate on the most fundamental level.

We are rapidly expanding our systems engineering teams and are looking for hungry, curious fast-learning engineers from four years of experience all the way to senior leadership across our infrastructure platforms and DevOps teams.



What you'll do

- Scale our data ingestion and indexing pipelines, to handle orders of magniture more data (e.g. rasterized/pixel data vs region-encoded data.

- Decompose serving monoliths into a microservices/service-oriented architecture

- Obsess over query performance and data schemes to enable efficiency and speed at ever-growing scale

- Rethink and revamp our CI/CD process to find the sweet spot between nimbleness and stability

- Be passionate about building, tning and scaling systems

- Adept at, and motivated by the concept of trying to automate yourself out of a job



- Deep understanding of computer engineering fundamentals (at least one of: kernels/operating systems, networking, distributed systems, structured storage systems, relational databases, cloud computing).

- Experience with enterprise cloud infrastructure and servicds (we use AWS).

- Proficient in Python, or a strong willingness to learn it and use it.

- BS in Computer Science, a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

- 4+ years of relevant industry experience


How to Apply

Please apply at the following link!

Nairobi, KE