Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project Coordinator

About you
- You have completed education in Information Technology (including AI) at University Degree;
- You have a solid background and hands-on work experience in data analytics and AI (good understanding of algorithm development), knowledge modelling, information extraction;
- You have a strong mathematical background;
- You have experience with programming language and basic knowledge of Deep Learning;
- You have demonstrated experience with customers and internal uses to collect requirements and evaluate them:
- You enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team in an international setting and have experience in this kind of setting already:
- You have demonstrated people management skills.

What we offer you
- A competitive salary
- Complete excellent package including medical insurance.
- Ample scope for personal growth and development.
- International travel

About our company
We are a renowned, international family business with locations in several countries in Europe and Africa. Corporate social responsibility comes as natural to us as offering the best quality with the highest supply reliability.

How to Apply

Are you interested in becoming an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project Coordinator in Kenya? Apply now through JOBNET Africa; Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project Coordinator - Africa | JobnetAfrica

Nairobi, KE