Junior Full Stack Javascript Web Developer

AMT Technologies is an early-stage company based in Nairobi, building driver assistive technology for African roads.  

We are looking for a high-potential junior web developer to join our team, who can quickly grow to take charge of our web application development.

The responsibilities of the role include:

  • Design, development, documentation and testing of APIs that power various client applications
  • Design, development, documentation and testing of web user interfaces 
  • Regular interfacing with other product and engineering functions, and customers on occasion

The ideal candidate:

  • Has a strong foundation and understanding of software engineering principles
  • Is a good and reliable communicator
  • Is fluent in Javascript and proficient in its use for both front end and server side development
  • Has meaningful experience with ExpressJS and VueJS frameworks
  • Has a portfolio of successfully completed full-stack Javascript projects
  • Has experience building map visualization applications
  • Can provision and maintain cloud infrastructure (GCP, AWS) to serve web applications




AMT Technologies
Nairobi, KE