Flutter, Laravel, Android Native and Server Management

Safetek Limited is a software development company that is concerned with provide transport solutions for PSVs in Kenya. We are looking for passionate, resourceful and self-driven individuals to steer our vision in building the next generation public transport solution for Kenya PSVs. We are accepting applications in the following categories Flutter Developer; - Be conversant with the latest flutter development practices - Knowledge on Laravel API development and usage - Has understanding of Android Native language - Has experience working with FCM (Cloud Messaging) and flutter applications - Well versed with firestore - Good command of building UI/UX using flutter - Able to work with POSTGRE Android Developer - Good command of android Java/Kotlin - Good understanding of FIREBASE and cloud functions with android - API development and consuming with Laravel - Ability to integrate payments gateway such as MPESA - Ability to use custom SDKs (Backend Developer) Laravel - Good understanding of PHP - Good understanding of SQL datatables (MySQL postgre) and NOSQL Databases (MONGO DB etc) - Good command of writing secure APIs - Good understanding of Laravel framework Server Manager - Good understanding working with digital ocean server - Ability to set up Laravel and PHP projects on digital server - Able to set up SSL certificate on digital ocean server - Good command of Linux commands and server management

How to Apply

If you feel that you are qualified for any of the above field, send your CV and cover letter to sndegwa@safetek.co.ke or james@safetek.co.ke or info@komiut.co.ke. The subject should be the role you are applying for.
Safetek Limited
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