Professional primary teacher

We are looking for a qaulified primary teacher who can perform the following roles and responisbilities:

  1. Develops lesson plans which meet the Kenyan curriculum.

  2.  Planning, preparing and writing questions in line with curriculum objectives. 

  3.  Develop questions that meet the diverse ability levels of different students. Questions should have different levels of complexities. 

  4.  Posses the relevant skills to understand and develop questions across all grade levels.

  5. ·Plan, prepare and write video scripts and shoot videos for all concepts or sub-concepts assigned. Scripts should be written for pupils and should be communicated in a manner they can understand.

  6. ·Clearly and regularly communicate with team leaders. Communication is through company applications such as Mattermost, emails, phone calls. All spoken communication should be followed up with a written confirmation for emphasis and future references.

  7.  Test, maintain and recommend software improvements to ensure strong functionality and optimization.

  8. ·Maintain high standard work-practices. Poorly written questions will be deemed as incompetent and will result in written warning and dismissal where appropriate.

  9. Work with experienced team members to conduct root cause analysis of issues that arise.

  10. Make good technical decisions that provide solutions to business challenges

  11. Ensure proper documentation of questions with a clear description of each subject completed. 

Requirements for the job

  1. One must possess his/her personal laptop or personal compute
  2. One must have a TSC number or should be in process of acquiring one

How to Apply

All interested candidates should send their CVs clearly specifying the position of interest. The application deadlie is 30th January 2022

MwalimuPLUS Limited Company
Nairobi, KE